I just wanted to make you aware of the wonderful job the Seniors Helping Seniors has done is supporting my mother, Mary Katherine, for over six years.  And I look forward to working with you and your great staff for many more years.

At 87, my mother fell and broke her back. She immediately went to the hospital, then a medical care facility, and finally the assisted living facility Elmcroft Cy-Fair.  Seniors Helping Seniors was referred to me by Elder Advisory Group, and it has been a great relationship.

When Mom first hurt her back, Goldie was Mom's private care provider. However, as Mom aged, it was necessary to have others join Goldie. Currently, Mom regularly sees Goldie, Linda, and Nancy. They are each wonderful, and Mom loves all three.

The amazing thing to me is how sincere they each are in taking care of Mom. Clearly, they care for her as much as she cares for them.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Seniors Helping Seniors, with the hope that my mom, now 93, lives to be 100.

— Mike S.

From a grateful son:

In 2016, my 83-year-old mother, suffering from dementia and blindness, had been in assisted living and under the care of many different caregivers over a number of years.

It was a struggle because either the caregivers were not a good fit, or when they were, they would be short term.

Finally, I heard about Seniors Helping Seniors. From the moment Linda showed up, I knew mom was in good hands. My mom told me after the first meeting that she really liked “sweet Linda” and that they had so much fun.

The next year and a half, Linda became like family. She was generous, caring, funloving and treated my mom as though she was her life-long dear friend. My mom looked so forward to their times together. I always felt Linda prioritized my mom’s care, whether it was during the holidays, weekends, or even during a major hurricane.

When Linda went on vacation, she would still reach out to make sure mom was getting cared for. After my mother died, Linda was there for me too, and I still continue a year later to talk to her and reminisce about their time together.

It takes a special person for this kind of work. I would highly recommend Seniors Helping Seniors and Linda. You will be grateful too.

— Tom M.

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